We regularly machine products for companies in the offshore industry involved in extracting petroleum, gas and raw materials at sea. In this segment, it is vital that parts do not break. This work is therefore subject to strict requirements and must be accompanied by the necessary documentation, such as material certificates, measurement reports and NDT analyses. Moreover, because offshore products are used under a wide range of corrosive conditions, they must be made from high-quality corrosion-proof materials.

Because AFMI offers a comprehensive service package, we can meet all these quality and other requirements. We have the necessary expertise that enables us to machine such materials. After the machining process is complete, we conduct the requested NDT analyses, such as UT, PT and MT analyses and demagnetisation.



Voor offshore-bedrijven maken we bijvoorbeeld:

We manufacture the following products for the offshore sector:

  • Special hydraulic jacks for disassembling compressors, turbines and pumps
  • Specific hoisting tools
  • Compressors and pumps; also see rotary equipment
  • Special tools for assembling and disassembling compressors, turbines and pumps