Our range of machinery includes a number of CNC grinding machines, providing for flat and cylindrical grinding as well as the grinding of borings. AFMI also has a CNC cylindrical grinding machine that is very well suited to grinding long shafts.

Properties of our grinding machines:

  • Cylindrical grinding up to a maximum length of 3,000 mm and diameter 500 mm
  • Surface grinding to a maximum surface of 900 x 500 mm
  • Grinding borings to maximum 450 mm

What is grinding?

We use grinding if a metal surface needs to be machined very precisely. We use a grinding disc for this. When the grinding disc touches the job, the cutting edges ensure that a very small amount of material is removed.

We roughly distinguish between two grinding techniques, surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. Surface grinding is similar to milling. The grinding disc moves with the rotation axis parallel to the surface being machined.

Cylindrical grinding can be compared to turning, the key difference being that the rotation of the grinding disc is the main movement and the rotary motion of the job is the feed movement.

You use grinding if:

  • high precision is required;
  • a certain surface quality is required;
  • the material is very hard;
  • the permissible machining forces are low;
  • the layer to be removed is very thin.

Want to know more about the possibilities? Below is an overview our CNC grinding machines or contact us.