The way we work - AFMI

The way we work

Whether it’s milling, turning or grinding you need for your metal, at AFMI machining we do everything with the greatest possible precision. Although no two jobs are the same, we always apply a fixed way of working, from initial request right through to production and quality control.

Request for metalworking

It all begins with the initial request. Once we have received a request, we run through the desired delivery time and specific wishes together with the requester. These wishes are different for every client. It is for instance possible that we will be required to anneal, weld or temper a product according to a certain standard.

Or that we have to carry out non-destructive testing (NDT). But specific dimensional tolerances are also discussed at this stage. On the basis of all this information, we submit a quotation stating price and delivery time. After receipt of the order confirmation, we commence work preparation.


Work preparation involves determining precisely which tools, machines and components are required. Our expert CAD/CAM department creates a simulation of the machining program in TopSolid for the selected machine.

The tools are selected using our tool management system WinTool. We then combine the material, the machining program and the selected tools. Production can commence!

Quality control of the product

No product leaves the building without a thorough quality control. All our products are subject to extensive checks and protocols. Based on the client’s wishes, we draw up dimensional specifications. We also carry out the necessary non-destructive testing.

Our 3D testing machine allows us for instance to check the roundness and flatness of a product. If the product meets all the quality requirements, we send it to the desired delivery address.

Other metalworking

We also carry out welding work on products where necessary. What’s more, we also balance impellers or rotors, cast white metal and anneal products.

But even if your metal requires a surface treatment, we will look for the most suitable method. Everything is possible at AFMI!