Markets - AFMI


We work for a large number of clients in diverse market segments. From the offshore industry to the yacht-building industry and from mechanical engineering to medical technology. Below are a number of specific markets that our clients operate in. To give you a good impression of all the different jobs AFMI produces, we provide product examples for each market. This is just a sample, and we’re not restricted to the markets mentioned below. We provide milling, grinding, turning, casting and annealing for other markets too, so feel free to contact us with specific requirements!

Different markets, unparalleled possibilities

We're not market-oriented, but will take on any challenge. However, we do have a great deal of experience in a number of specific markets, such as mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, medical technology, the offshore industry and the energy sector. But we of course also produce beyond the markets stated above. We never shun a challenge!

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