About AFMI


At AFMI, we specialise in machining cast workpieces and manufacturing products from solid material. All in accordance with the drawing and fully in line with the customer’s wishes. With our exceptional professional knowledge and elaborate machine park, we are very flexible. The possibilities are unlimited! We can machine highly complex and challenging products from high-quality materials, including stainless steel, steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys.

We discuss all the requirements with the customer and advise on the possibilities. Our aim is to provide full-service solutions. If you would like to know how we do this, click on our method of working for more information about how we work.


For more than 30 years, we have worked from the conviction that the best result is obtained by working together. We use each other’s competencies, constantly challenge each other and keep each other on our toes. Thanks to a combination of young talent and experienced people, we have access to extensive knowhow and expertise. We share the same drive together with a proactive and results-oriented attitude. Since we primarily produce one-off items, everything must be ‘first time right’. So, every day is different… and thus challenging! Moreover, we always try to use the latest techniques. To keep pace with developments, we feel it is vital to invest in our colleagues. We therefore enable our people room to continue developing themselves and learning. Interested in working at AFMI? We are always looking out for new talent. View our job vacancies or internships here.


It was August 1989 when Gerard Heerink was given the opportunity to make a new start with Stork Mufac’s toolmakers’ shop. He seized the opportunity, headed up a 28-person team and renamed the company AFMI: Fijnmechanische Industrie (High-Precision Industry), with an A in front of the name so that it would appear at the top of any list.

In 1995, we also acquired the mechanical department of Stork Pompen. In 1999, six Stork Service employees with three machines were acquired, and the three companies were consolidated in the building of Stork Pompen’s mechanical department at Lansinkesweg in Hengelo in the Netherlands. In 2020, the company continued operating from this building under the name AFMI Verspanende Industrie. Over the years, we became a specialist in machining single workpieces, a frontrunner in the use of the latest techniques and a supplier of a comprehensive service package (one-stop shop). Nowadays, we work with a team of 45 people on highly diverse machining projects. This market is in a constant state of motion… and we constantly position ourselves accordingly.