This assignment allowed us to use all our areas of expertise. Over a period of two to three months, we
machined 20 ‘large’ parts from S355J2+N or aluminium and produced 200 smaller components that we
assembled into the complete part. With our machines (with four claws), we were able to produce elements
from two halves. After each machining step, we checked the parts for hairline cracks using NDT techniques.
We delivered all our products together with a date of manufacture report. Because we could complete the
entire process ourselves, we provided the customer with a full-service solution enabling him to use the
product one on one.


Produce complete subassemblies for the energy sector.


Schiess, Vertimaxx, SHW, Anayak 2500, Sacem


- Dimensions: Ø900 and 1350 mm (length) - Material: S355J2+N - Weight: 4 tonnes