A drawing was prepared prior to every machining operation. At the drawing stage, we worked with the students to answer the question: ‘How feasible is this plan?’ This enabled us to further optimise the elements. The parts are rather thin walled, making it necessary to measure everything extremely precisely. In total, we delivered three plates and two bushings for this assignment. We completely milled the plates, while we turned, milled, assembled and finished the bushings. Every year, this housing and gearbox provide a great basis for the Electric Superbike Twente’s motorbike!


We have worked with Electric Superbike Twente for the past few years. This student team designs and builds fully electric racing motor bikes. It is a great initiative, and we enjoy contributing by manufacturing the housing and gearbox. For students, this is a great opportunity to develop their skills in practice.


YCM, Hedelius T7 en Monforts.


- Dimensions: Ø205 x 205 mm (two bushings) and a 1x 300 x 205 mm, 1x 300 x 300 mm and 1x 300 x 400 mm plate - Material: 6082 aluminium