What is a 3D coordinate measuring machine?

Extremely high precision is very important in our sector. We use our 3D coordinate measuring machine to check our products to guarantee constant quality. This machine enables us to provide a detailed, digital measurement report.

What are the benefits of a 3D coordinate measuring machine?

The use of our 3D coordinate measuring machine has several benefits:

  • Measures in thousandths instead of hundredths
  • Immediate availability of a digital measurement report
  • Automated coordinate measuring program
  • Ability to measure shape and positional tolerances

AFMI’s 3D coordinate measuring machine

All our products are subjected to a quality control before leaving the premises. During this final inspection, all dimensions, the shape and positional tolerances are measured with a precision of < 0.2 mm. We record this data in a measurement protocol, which we send to the customer together with the end product. If desired by the customer, this final inspection can be extended using our 3D coordinate measuring machine. In addition to the above-referenced dimensions and tolerances, this machine also enables us to measure a product’s shape and positional tolerances with extreme precision.

Our 3D coordinate measuring machine is part of our machine park. If you are interested in other machines, click here to read more.