What is keyway slotting?

Keyway slotting is a metal machining process which creates a keyway in a workpiece. During the keyway slotting process, a cutter moves vertically up and down, moving slightly closer to the workpiece after each cycle. During each downward motion, the cutter removes some material from the workpiece in the form of swarf. This is repeated until the keyway has reached the desired depth.

What are the benefits of keyway slotting?

The keyway slotting technique has several benefits:

  • Possibility of tapered keyway slotting
  • Possibility of slotting blind keyways

Keyway slotting at AFMI

AFMI offers keyway slotting services with the possibility of slotting a maximum width of 60 mm. In addition to keyway slotting, AFMI also offers keyway broaching services.