What is conical grinding?

Conical grinding enables us to grind a conical shaft or bore. Conical bores are often used in devices that transmit torque, such as drive shafts or couplings.

What are the benefits of conical grinding?

The conical grinding technique has several benefits:

  • Extremely precise
  • Swarf does not impede the grinding process

Conical grinding at AFMI

AFMI offers conical grinding services. To produce the conical shape, we conically taper the outside of a product or the inside bore. We can also grind a specific profile using our CNC-controlled cylindrical grinding machine. In combination with our 3D coordinate measuring machine, we are extremely well equipped to produce these conical borings. In addition, we can produce a blueprint for verification purposes.

Besides conical grinding, AFMI also provides surface-grinding , bore-grinding and cylindrical grinding services. Click here to read more about CNC grinding