What is white metal casting?

White metal is often cast into the bearing shells of – naturally – white metal bearings. These bearings are frequently used in rotating equipment. During white metal casting, the shaft is pushed up using a layer of oil located between the white metal and the shaft. This shapes the bearing in such a way that it typically has relatively low friction resistance.

White metal casting at AFMI

White metal casting at AFMI is not a problem! With our many years of experience, we are experts in the pre-treatment, casting and finishing of white metal bearings. We manufacture and overhaul slide bearings of any kind and any dimension, including radial/axial bearings, thrust pads, tilt pads, 4-point bearings, lemon-shaped bearings and offset bearings. Our slide bearings are used for various applications, including turbines, generators, ships’ engines, electric motors and gearboxes.

In addition to white metal casting, we can also use other casting techniques at AFMI. Click here to read more about this technique.