What is bore grinding?

By bore grinding, we mean the rotational-symmetrical grinding of an inner diameter. This technique uses  specially equipped machines which enable us to very precisely machine a metal surface. Bore grinding is performed on the inside of a round product. At AFMI, we can grind cylindrical as well as conical surfaces. The rotation of the grinding disc provides the principal motion. Bore grinding does not involve a tangent plane, but a tangent line. During this process, the swarf immediately falls off the workpiece , so does not impede the grinding process.

What are the benefits of bore grinding?

The bore grinding technique has several benefits:

  • Application of very precise shape and positional tolerances
  • Swarf does not impede the grinding process
  • Ability to machine hard surfaces

Bore grinding at AFMI

Besides cylindrically grinding the outer diameter, AFMI can also grind bores. Our machines can grind bores in products with a maximum outer diameter of Ø450 mm. Grinding conical bores is another option we provide. In combination with our 3D coordinate measuring machine, we are extremely well equipped to successfully grind these conical bores.

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