What is surface grinding?

We use two different grinding techniques: surface grinding and cylindrical grinding[1] . In surface grinding, a single product surface is ground to create a parallel and smooth surface. Surface grinding enables us to grind a product to a precise length and thickness.

What are the benefits of surface grinding?

The surface grinding technique has several benefits:

  • Post-treatment/treatment of hard surfaces
  • Swarf does not impede the grinding process
  • Application of very precise shape and positional tolerances

Surface grinding at AFMI

At AFMI, we offer very precise surface-grinding services for workpieces with a surface of up to a maximum of 900 x 500 mm and a height of up to a maximum of 300 mm. After grinding, we carry out an extensive quality inspection, using our 3D coordinate measuring machine to check the shape and positional tolerance of a product. If the product meets all the required quality criteria, it is shipped to the desired delivery address.

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