What is balancing?

During balancing, we allow the rotating part to turn at a certain speed (depending on the part’s normal operating speed). This enables us to detect any imbalance. Based on the desired quality class, we then eliminate the imbalance by removing material through grinding, drilling holes or by applying a counterweight. We continue balancing until the desired quality class is achieved.

What are the benefits of balancing?

The balancing technique has several benefits:

  • Reduces imbalance
  • Longer service life of the machine in which the rotating part is installed

Balancing at AFMI

At AFMI, we specialise in balancing stirrers, rotors, couplings and other types of rotating parts. Our machines enable us to balance parts statically as well as dynamically for weights ranging from a minimum of 5 kg to a maximum of 1,500 kg, a diameter of 3,500 mm, a length of 3,870 mm and at a maximum of 3,600 RPMs. The products are delivered together with a balancing report.

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