What is 5-axis simultaneous milling?

5-axis simultaneous milling is the most advanced machining technique available, whereby a fifth axis is created by a rotating platform. This makes it possible to move all axes at the same time, with the rotating cutting tool working in ‘coordination’ with the platform. 5-axis simultaneous milling is ideal for machining complex products with double curved surfaces. In comparison to 3-axis simultaneous milling, 5-axis simultaneous milling allows multiple sides of a product to be machined in a single chuck-clamping operation without needing to reset the workpiece.

What are the benefits of 5-axis simultaneous milling?

The 5-axis simultaneous milling technique has several benefits:

  • Faster machining
  • Highly accurate despite the number of axes
  • Ability to machine products with double curved surfaces

5-axis simultaneous milling at AFMI

Our machine park has the machinery required for 5-axis simultaneous milling operations. This means that we can move along 5 axes at the same time during the machining process. 5-axis simultaneous milling enables us to produce any shape with no visible transitions. After milling, we carry out an extensive quality inspection, using our 3D coordinate measuring machine to check the shape and positional tolerance of a product. If the product meets all the required quality criteria, it is shipped to the desired delivery address.

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