What is metal working?

Metal working involves the treatment of metals to create parts or assemblies. We use a range of techniques for this purpose. Common types of metal working include milling, turning, grinding, welding, cutting, and rolling.

Metal working at AFMI

AFMI has an extensive machine park that enables us to offer many metal working techniques. Ranging from machining cast workpieces to manufacturing products from solid material!We manufacture the parts in accordance with the relevant product drawing and specific requirements, with the right tools, machines and components. 

Our CAD/CAM department can provide support for controlling our CNC machines. They work with the TopSolid software package during this process. We use this package to select the required tools (including the machining conditions) and prepare the NC program.

We always carry out a quality inspection once the metal working process is complete. This ensures that we deliver the desired result. If desired, our quality control process can be expanded to include a measurement using our 3D coordinate measuring machine. This machine enables us to measure a product’s shape and positional tolerances with extreme precision.

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