What is machining aluminium?

Aluminium’s properties make it ideal for machining, including turning, milling or grinding. It is a relatively soft material that is easy to machine, and it is a good conductor of heat. As such, it is possible to machine aluminium at high speeds. It is important to use a machine that is exceptionally stable for this purpose to be able to guarantee the required precision at these high speeds.

What are the benefits of aluminium?

Aluminium has several benefits:

  • Easy to machine
  • Light material
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Using anodising techniques, it is possible to give this metal different colours or deposit a hard layer

Machining aluminium at AFMI

Our machine park enables us to offer a wide range of aluminium machining options. All our machines are equipped with the best tools for machining aluminium. With our many years of experience, we are specialists in this process. Besides machining aluminium, we can also perform anodising and provide the components with mounted inserts, if necessary.

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